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 AudioFile “Earphones” Award Winner


And The Bugs They Love 

by Frank Mortimer

Michael Butler Murray's sardonic delivery is absolutely perfect. He keeps the pace buzzing along. Some people just like to have bees--painting the hives to match the yard is their priority

    --and Murray expertly renders the author's wry disdain. 

                                                —A.B. Winner of AudioFile Magazine 


Backstage Tales from the Lives of Metal Legends

Amazing Execution. Master Narrator.


This book is one I hesitated to buy, but I am so glad I did. I listen to audiobooks as I fall asleep, and so often with this I find myself laughing out loud laying there in bed!

The narrator does such a good job telling these stories, he surely raises this book to another level.

If you are on the fence about this, get it, you will enjoy it.                                        

                                              —Nino, Audible Listener



by Bill Durham

Michael Butler Murray is a writer's dream.

He captured the nuances of the many characters of my novel Amarillo, bringing to the table a myriad of voices, both male and female. His command of narrative voice is phenomenal, and as an experienced actor he brings the perfect character shadings to every voice. I have been listening to audio books non-stop for 20 years, and never have I heard, let along worked with, with such a consummate professional.

                                               —Bill Durham -  Author of Amarillo


The Biography of Chris Cornell

by Corbin Reiff

I loved the reader. He rocked! 

        — Matt Lewis, Audible Listener

Thoroughly enjoyed this book! The narrator did a good job as well. He spoke in a way that conveyed emotion (not just monotone) so that it kind of felt like he was the one whose story it was. Loved the accents too. Gave me a bit of a chuckle. 

— Finn Whitaker, Audible Listener

Very enjoyable listen. The narrator is fantastic. 

—SSommers, Audible Listener



The Best There Ever Was 

by Tony Castro


Michael Butler Murray seems to channel the tone and style of a sportscaster as he narrates Tony Castro's last book about Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle. Murray's delivery is enthusiastic and lively, and he adds color with his interpretation of Mantle's Oklahoma drawl. Castro treats Mantle a little too deferentially, but his passion for his subject is echoed in Murray's performance.

                                                         —D.B AudioFile Magazine

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